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Mortgage Points Calculator Definitions:

Original Interest Rate: The annual interest rate given BEFORE any discount points are applied.

Interest Rate With Discount Points: The annual interest rate given WITH discount points applied.

Discount Points: The number of discount points required to receive the "Interest Rate With Discount Points" percentage rate

Total Home Mortgage Amount: The total dollar amount borrowed for this loan, or principal amount.

Term of the Loan: Total number of years in which this mortgage will be paid.  Typically 15, 20 or 30 years.

Original Rate - Monthly Payment: This is your monthly mortgage payment rate BEFORE any discount points are applied.

With Discount Points - Monthly Payment: This is your monthly mortgage payment AFTER discount points are applied.

Monthly Payment Savings: This is the monthly dollar amount you will save on mortgage payments using discount points vs. no discount points.

Recoup time of cost of Discount Points: This is how long in months it will take to recoup the cost of the discount points paid initially.

*Please note this calculator is to be used as a point of reference only, calculations should be confirmed with your mortgage broker before signing any agreements.  Calculations do not include property taxes, mortgage insurance, or other costs associated with your mortgage.

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